Traveling To See Us

We are delighted to be seeing clients from many different states and this page will offer some useful information in making your travel arrangements.

Hotel Accommodations while in Louisville:
Our clients can opt to stay at the Downtown Fairfield Inn, with modern accommodations, indoor swimming pool and located within 2 blocks of our offices. Our clients can receive up to 50% discounted room by scheduling their room through our offices. Normal hotel pricing is $130-$150 (+taxes and fees)per room and our discounted rates will allow you to stay for $75.00 (+ taxes and fees) per night. Please call Jessica for availability as rooms are limited at these prices.

You can view the hotel by visiting the Fairfield Inn and Suites website.

Our airport in Louisville is Louisville International Airport (the airport code is SDF). It is a short distance(15 minutes driving) from downtown Louisville where are offices are located in downtown Louisville.

Our physical address to GPS for driving directions is:
225 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY 40202

The physical address to the Fairfield Inn:
100 E. Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Parking at the Fairfield Inn for clients driving to see us will be $9.00 per day.

We offer a complimentary shuttle for our guests who will be flying to see us. The shuttle will offer you services between the airport, hotel and hospital where our offices are. The shuttle can only be utilized when staying at least one night in the Fairfield Inn. Please provide Jessica with your flight information as soon as you have booked your travel so she may notify the shuttle for your timely pick-up.

Dining & Activities:
For more information on dining, activities, etc that you can do while during your visit with us in Louisville, please click on the “Louisville Entertainment” page of our website.

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