I am a personal success story of Gender Select, LLC. Because of my age and time constraints on my child-bearing years, I chose to use the service in hopes of adding a son to our family that already included a daughter. I went into the decision knowing that I would be thrilled with a daughter, and with the sole intention of increasing my odds for having a son. I was thrilled when I got a positive pregnancy test the first month. Unfortunately, I miscarried that pregnancy. We went ahead with another month of gender selection to achieve yet another pregnancy that I lost in miscarriage. My husband and I decided to try for one more attempt, which has resulted in a successful pregnancy. We discovered we were in fact having a son at our 20 week ultrasound, and were very thrilled. I firmly believe in every person’s decisions to utilize a service like this when it is a decision that works for that family. It is a decision that has made our family complete! - Ashley T., Louisville, KY

My husband and I had always dreamed of having a son. After 3 precious daughters we didn't want to roll the dice and keep having more kids until we had a boy, so we decided to be happy with our family of 5. However, when our youngest was 3, I changed my mind and started talking to my husband about gender selection after one of my girlfriends had done the procedure and become pregnant with a boy after having 3 girls. He was reluctant at first, but after talking to Jessica on the phone about my concerns and questions we set up our appointment. It took us 2 cycles to become pregnant. At 15 weeks we found out the sex. I was still thinking I just know it will be another girl, but when the Dr. said we were having a Boy we couldn't believe it. I'll never forget my husband's reaction. Our son is now 2 weeks old and we couldn't be more pleased. The whole process was very smooth and inexpensive compared to similar procedures in other parts of the country. - RM 3/10/2012

We had no idea that you could do anything real to help better your chances of having a baby boy. We did read about diets, and herbs and timing intercourse, but of course there is no medical science behind any of that phooey! We found Gender Select online as I was searching for things to do and thought we should call. Jessica was so helpful and on top of our plan to make this happen. We live in Oregon so I thought it was not possible but she helped us time my ovulation and my travel perfectly. She had the entire process very streamlined, and it was almost effortless on our part besides traveling to Louisville. She is very accessible by text all the time which made me feel good because we wanted to get this right and had questions as we tested with the predictor test kit and things. We had a chemical pregnancy on the first try so had to travel to the office twice, but on that second trip I did become pregnant and the ultrasound did confirm it was a boy. The hotel Jessica arranged was very nice and was so close to the office that we could walk for appointments. She even suggested places for us to eat, shop and take our toddler for some fun. We are thrilled and think it would be worth it had we needed to go to the office more than twice to get what we so longed for. Thank you so much. - Priyanka K. 09/17/2017

My wife and I were thrilled with our 3 daughters, but I always secretly wished we could have a boy in the family. After 3 girls, yur hopes turn into the reality that chances are, you ae going to ave another girl! So we decided to stop trying. That is, until we were at a paty one night and overheard people talking about gender selection. I had neer heard of such an option and quite frankly did not even know that possibility was out there. My wife and I aske questions and got the contact iformation which I used the verynext day. I was hesitant at first as I thougt a procedure like this would be out of my financial abilities and was shocked to har how affordable and easy the program was. My wife was a good sport and was agreeable to try. It took us 2months of using the service before she became pregnant, and I almost could not wait the 5 months to find out the sex of the baby. We took both of our mothers to the ultrasound appointment. I almost passed out with shock and excitement when they announced it was a "BOY". It was a moment I will never forget. We now have 3 healthy girls and a healthy baby boy. My son is a welcome addition to our family and I am convinced that Gender Select was the only way we could make this happen. - Allen W., Lexingon, KY

I had 2 boys, 2 and 4 years old and was ready to try for my 3rd child with my husband of 7 years. I had this feeling though, that it would be so nice to have a little daughter. But it seemed that nature waanted us to have a string of boys. I heard about the Gender Select from one of my neighbors and could not believe it was possible. I researched the website and liked what I read. I did not want to have to take fertility medication or do egg retrieval and the like, it just seemed like too much considering I already had 2 boys and taht would put a financial strain on my family and physical toll on my body. This service met all of my expectations, the service was friendly and it was in our budget. I knew it was not so much money that if we were not successful, it would not have put us back too bad. Well, we were successful and had our little daughter. She is a blessing. We are so thanksful to Jessica. - Talley M.

After the birth of our second beautiful daughter, my husband mentioned considering gender selection for our next pregnancy in hopes of having a son. I had many reservations, including thinking we would be “playing God” and that it was “weird”, so we agreed to try one more time the old-fashioned way and if we had a third daughter we would do gender selection for the fourth pregnancy. Needless to say, we delivered our third daughter in the summer or 2006. By summer 2008, we were ready to have another baby. We were on a long waiting list for gender selection in another state when I received a phone call from a good friend telling me about Dr. Levein. I was ecstatic. After getting in touch with Jessica and the staff, I felt like I was dealing with good friends. It was such a comfortable and easy experience. Never did I feel like it was too clinical or “weird”. When we looked at the potential of getting pregnant with a son on our own by my husband’s sample results, it was obvious that by nothing short of a miracle would we have a son! Although it took two tries for my husband and I to conceive, it was well worth the effort!!! Our amazing son was born in march 2009. I look back now and believe that my fears of “playing God” were so wrong! God put Dr. Levein and gender selection in our life as an avenue to complete our family! We are so thankful! What a blessing!” - Shelly H.

My husband and I had the most wonderful experience with Jessica and the team at Gender Select! We reached out to Jessica with the goal of balancing our family! Jessica educated us around the scientific methodology gender select uses and the seamless and non-invasive process to achieve results. We are so grateful to have balanced our family on our first month with the Gender Select team! The process really works. We HIGHLY recommend Gender Select over any other method to balance your family. No hormones or invasive procedures involved- it’s quick, easy, painless, and effective. We are THRILLED! Highly recommend making the trip to Kentucky! - 11-10-19

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