Pricing For Gender Selection Sperm Sorting In Our Office

1 Day Service with 1 IUI $1,750 Service for 1 day within 1 month. Cost applies to each month of service needed.
2nd Day Service with 2nd IUI $1250 Service for 2nd day in same month as 1st day service.This would be doing procedure 2 days in a row to help increase chances for achieving pregnancy in that month.
Weekend Fee $550 Additional Fee applies to service needing to be done on a Saturday or Sunday.
Holiday Fee $800 Additional Fee for service needing to be done on an office scheduled holiday.
In Office Consult $150 30 minute Consult conducted by Dr. Levin & Jessica.
Hotel Stay $110-$250 including taxes and fees Applies to a one-night stay in one of several downtown Louisville options, by availability, some that will include shuttle services in-town/airport/hotel/hospital.
1 Kit- Collection Condon $18.00 1-collection condom and 1-sterile collection cup with USPS shipping to your address or delivery to Fairfield Hotel in Louisville KY upon arrival
2 Kits- Collection Condoms $30.00 2-collection condoms and 2-sterile collection cups with USPS shipping to your address or delivery to Fairfield Hotel in Louisville KY upon arrival
*See below *See below *See below

*All Services are subject to availability.
*Prices apply to each month services are needed.
*Fees, Terms and Conditions apply and are subject to change without notice.
*Processing & Handling charges will be charged to all credit/debit card payments.
*Collection Condoms-Call Jessica to order. Expect 5 business days for shipping. Plan your order accordingly. If you plan to have kits delivered to hotel upon arrival in Louisville KY, prior arrangements must be made with Jessica. Last minute orders for delivery to hotel will be subject to delivery availability and a $25.00 additional fee. There is an over time charge for any service that is post-poned due to clients late arrival or scheduling appointments outside of normal hours. The fee is $150.00 per hour, not to be pro-rated.

You will be charged $250 from your deposit or it will be added to the subsequent month’s procedure, for any appointment not kept when scheduling an appointment for that same day. You will not be granted any further service until this balance is settled and from this point forward all service must be paid in advance of any appointment.

We offer a one one-cycle pricing option. Gender selection options include semen separation for desired gender, and IUI, intrauterine insemination of the sorted sample. Sterile collection containers will be provided if requested in advance. All fees must be paid in advance and in entirety.

DEPOSIT FOR SERVICES: A $500 deposit is required for all clients for any given month they plan to use services. This deposit can be made by check, credit card or cash and must be received seven business days prior to any services. The deposit will go towards the balance of your services which can be paid by check, credit card or cash. See below in payment types to verify what payment type will work for you. The deposit is refundable if services have been scheduled (even tentatively) and 12 hour cancellation is given to Jessica by speaking directly with her, not by leaving a meassage or text or email with cancellation information. If no cancellation is made, deposit is kept and not applied to future services. Once you are scheduled with our office, staff will be prepared to be there for you and must be paid wether you keep your appointment or not, so as a courtesy to the staff, please cancel service appointments as far in advance as possible. Please read the OPK testing page of our website on tips how to schedule your date of service. There will be a $15.00 charge for processing & handling (unless paying with cash.)

PAYMENT TYPES: Credit Card payments are accepted for Visa, Matercard and American Express. Personal checks will be accepted as long as they are sent to our office with time to clear before any insemination takes place, usually 30 days for out of state and 21 days for in-state checks. Payments by cash are the only acceptable payment method if paying on the day of service. There are additional charges for Saturday inseminations and holiday inseminations. Weekday, Saturday and holiday inseminations are done as available and may not be available at a certain times. This additional fee must be paid at the time of service in cash if not already paid beforehand by credit card or check. No Sunday inseminations will be performed. There is also an additional fee for anyone opting to do 2 inseminations in one cycle (2 days of inseminations in a row). All fees must be paid before service is granted so if you are paying the balance of your services (less the $500 required deposit) you will have to pay in cash if you plan to pay the day of service. If you wish to pay for the balance of services by credit card (less the $500 required deposit) you must notify Jessica so she can send you an invoice through PayPal that can be paid the day of service as long as you have access to the internet. If you wish to pay by check, be sure that your check is mailed in at least 30 days in advance of service for out of state checks and 21 prior to service for in-state checks. Processing and Handling charges (P&H) apply to payments as indicated below for all payment types except cash payments.

WHEN YOU ARE READY TO PAY: Contact the office and talk to Jessica regarding what payment you will be making and what items you will be paying for. She will confirm your email with you and will send an invoice through PayPal to you. Once you receive that email, open it and click the "pay now" button which will allow you to send in your credit card payment. Once payment is received/confirmed, you may call the office and schedule your services. You can use this method of payment even on the day of services as long as you have access to the internet. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay this invoice. Appointments of all types are subject to availability and prior scheduling.

One Cycle:

Normal Weekday fee: $1600.00 (+$56.00 P&H)

Additional weekend/Wednesday fee: $500.00 per Saturday or Sunday all day or Friday after 12:00 noon EST (+$17.50 P&H)

Additional Holiday fee: $650.00 per day (+$23.00 P&H)

Holiday and Sundays are by appointment only, and may not be guaranteed openings.

Charge for One Additional sorting/insemination: $1000.00 (+$35.00 P&H, keep in mind if one insemination falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, the additional weekend/holiday fee is additional to this fee)

This applies to an additional gender selection procedure the day or two immediately following the procedure in any given cycle. Does not apply to a different month. Must be used in conjunction with one fully priced day of gender selection procedure in our office.

In Office Consult Fee $150.00 to be paid when scheduling. Not refundable if not cancelled 48 hours before appointment.

Hotel Room Scheduling: We offer discounted hotel rooms for our clients at 2 hotels in downtown Louisville, both are by availability. Please contact Jessica for availability and scheduling.

Fairfield Inn & Suites.The first option is the Fairfield Inn & Suites, located 1.5 city blocks from our office. You may view this hotel by clicking this link, but in order to receive discount pricing, it must be booked through our office directly. The rate is $120 per night that includes all taxes, fees and shuttle service, or one free night of parking if you drive your own car. This rate will not apply during these dates in 2019...Jan 26 – 29, Feb - 12 – 16, March 8,9, 25 – 30, April 4,5,6,12,13, 23 – 30, May 2,3, 4, 10, 11, 25, 26, 30, 31, June 1 – 11, June 24 – 28, July 6 – 18, July 23 – 28, August 27 & 28, September 10 – 30, October 1,2,3, 13 – 17, 21 – 26, 29, 30, November 16, 17. These are conventions dates for the hotel and the rate during these dates will be $225.00 per night including taxes, fees and shuttle.

Guesthouse on Story. The second option is a local B&B, located a couple of miles from our office. There is No shuttle service with this option. This is by availability only as well with a nghtly rate of $110 including taxes and fees. This will need to be paid directly to the B&B at the time of your stay,but our office can help you secure your reservation and discounted rate. You can view this option by clicking this link.

The Sheraton Louisville Riverside Hotel is a customer favorite! Rates usually can be obtained in the area of $115 per night. We have very good feedback about this hotel, the rooms, the shuttle service, the staff, the indoor pool and the location just minutes from our office and overlooking the Ohio River. You can view this option by clicking on this link.

You do not have to secure lodging through our office, but we are happy to help with recommendations outide of these 2 options. For a more upscale stay, we recommend the Omni Hotel or 21cMuseum Hotel. You will need to secure reservations and rates with these hotels directly.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice. Services are limited to appointment availability. Services may not be available on some weekdays, holidays, or during office/staff vacation. Call for availability.

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