Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) Testing Instructions

If you have an average cycle of 28-30 days in length, you should begin using your OPK test sticks on Cycle Day 10. You should test once or twice a day at the same time each day (preferable early morning and then again if you test twice daily before 5:00pm so you have time to call the office) until you receive a positive reading, even if that means using 2 test stick packages per month.

Please be sure to read the entire instruction manual of the test kit you purchase and call Jessica with any testing questions.

You should keep in mind the days that you need to have protected intercourse and the days your partner needs to abstain from ejaculation at all based on your ovulations. Jessica can help to plan these days with you.


1. Be sure to use an ovulation pedictor test kit that has a smiley face as the result. The other type tests require you to interpret slight color differences so that may cause you some confusion and give you dificulty in reading your test properly. We highly recommend the Clear Blue Easy Digital test with the smiley face result. Do not purchase any test that says Early or Advanced predictors.

2. If you are unsure of your ovulation time, it is best to start testing a day or two after your period ends in case you ovulate early and miss the ovulation day. You may need 2 packs of test sticks to get you through the month. Be sure to test everyday of the month until you get your positive.

3. If you know you are getting close to ovulation and are planning to come for services that month, begin testing at night and in the morning...the sooner we have a postive, the sooner you can contact Jessica and we can secure your travel plans, and appointment time.

4. Be sure to be texting Jessica the moment you have your positive! If you have made your tentative appointment, and do not receive your positive, be sure to call Jessica immediately as a 12 hour cancellation is required in order not to loose your deposit. Staff will be in place even for a tentative appointment and it is your responsibility to cancel the appointment with 12 hours notice.

There are also temperature charts that you can complete each month that will provide you more indication of your ovulation day based on temperature fluctuations in your cycle. Please ask Jessica if you are interested in doing this as well, and read more about this on the additional services page.

Clomid Therapy: We also offer clomid therapy treatments for those patients in need of fertility medications. The cost of the clomid and our monthly monitoring services are not included in the package pricing. Please review the additional services page for further information.

NOTE: While we will help you to track your cycle properly and advise you on proper tracking methods, it is client's full responsibility to track their cycle, detect ovulation and schedule any procedure based on client's own information. You must be an established patient to receive any prescription for medication.

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