Getting Started

This is a basic checklist of things you will need to read, review and sign in order to begin the gender selection process with our office. If you would like to call and discuss the process or any questions/concerns, you can reach Jessica at 502-417-5017, and she will be happy to speak with you.

  • Review the entire website to make sure you understand the gender selection process and that this is the proper decision for your family.
  • Read and review the pricing information found on the pricing page. You will be required to sign a fee sheet before starting the program.
  • Call Jessica to begin your journey.
  • Begin tracking your cycle by following the directions on the Cycle Tracking page. Be sure to contact Jessica on the first day of your cycle.
  • Fill in a medical history form found on the forms downloads page. This must be completed and submitted to Jessica prior to your appointment. It may be emailed to or faxed to 502-589-3842, ATTN: Jessica.

    IMPORTANT: If this is not submitted prior to appointment (24 hour minimum) and there is a condition or medication that prevents you from undergoing the procedure, or giving a quality sample there will be no refund of deposit.
  • Read and sign the consent form for Gender Selection that will be provided to you.
  • Read and sign the consent form for IUI that will be provided to you.
  • Complete the Male/Female Choice form specifying the gender of your choice.
  • Read and sign the Office Policies Form found on the Forms page of our website.
  • Once you have determined the month you plan to begin services in, you will need to make a deposit payment to secure your spot for that month. Jessica will provide you with an invoice you can pay with a credit or debit card.
  • Text Jessica to make scheduling arrangements as soon as you get your positive ovulation test. Be prepared to pay for the balance of your services at the time of your sample drop-off.

    For best results, we want to see you for your service:
    1st day Procedure-within 24 hours of the 1st positive ovulation test stick
    2nd day Procedure-within 48-60 hours of the 1st positive ovulation test stick.

    The day of your appointment you will be given an appointment time based on availability. Times are to be kept precisely as this is a timed procedure. We try with utmost care to schedule appointments where only one set of clients (husband and wife/significant others) are in the office at one time. This is to help insure your privacy and to help eliminate stress. Promtly keeping your appointment time helps to make this possible. We do allow you to bring your children to the office if need be, but we do not allow food/beverages in the waiting room. You should bring activities appropriate for your little ones as taking them into the exam room with you is not the best idea. In most cases, Jessica or a staff memeber will be able to keep an eye on children while you are in the exam room for procedure days, but this is not possible for consult appointments.

    Your procedure day will go like this example:
    9:00am EST- Husband to arrive at office to give sample. Wife or significant other may accompany if that is your choice. Some paperwork will need to be completed, and balance for services must be paid at this time. A sterile cup, an individual room and magazines will be provided. Once the sample is given, it is immediately taken to the lab where it will be the only sample being processed at that time.
    9:30am EST-11:30am EST- Sample is processed in the lab and prepared for insemination. Time may vary some as some samples take more time to prepare. We will keep you aprised of any changes in times. We will immediately inform you of any issues with the sample given and options about how to proceed.
    11:30am EST- Wife will arrive in our office for IUI. Husband may accompany wife if desired. This visit will take about 30 minutes. During this visit, you will go to a private exam room and disrobe from the waist down, covering with the provided sheet. You will be placed in stirrups as you would as your yearly OBGYN appointment. The IUI is an almost painless procedure. You may feel some cramping aftewards but that is normal and will be discussed further at the time of your appointmen. The IUI will be performed by our IUI nurse who has been specializing in this procedure for over 15 years. In some rare cases where a woman's cervix may need to be dilated in order to complete the IUI, the doctor will complete this procedure and the IUI. Unless scheduled prior to your procedure, you will not meet the doctor at your procedure. If you wish to meet with the doctor prior to your procedure, and in-office consult should be arranged with Jessica. Consults with the doctor are $150.00. It is not neccessary in most cases in order to do the gender selection procedure.
    12:00 noon EST- The procedure will be complete and you are free to go about your day as usual. You should be certain not to drink alcohol or take any type of medication not authorized as safe for pregnancy by your OBGYN. If you plan to do the following day as a 2nd day procedure, you will be given an appointment time for the following day, and the second day will goes the same as the first day.

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