FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure to read through our website for more information on a variety of topics regarding gender selection services.

Q: How do I get started?
A: You should begin by filling out a “contact us” form on our website, found on the Contact Us page. You may also call Jessica at 502-417-5017 and choosing prompt “1”. It is not always possible for us to answer the phone, so please follow up with an email to info@chooseagender.com, and include your name & phone number, and we will get back with you as soon as possible. http://chooseagender.com/Contact-Us.aspx

Q: How much will the service cost?
A: Please refer to our pricing reference found on the pricing page of our website. http://chooseagender.com/Pricing.aspx

Q: How quickly will I conceive?
A: The rate of conception for each woman is different. The average woman in the United States will conceive one out of seven months (1:7) of trying on their own. Some women will conceive in a short period of time, but it is not realistic to think that because a woman takes part in gender selection or IVF, it is guaranteed she will conceive that month. Women partaking in gender selection with IUI can hope to conceive within 4 months of IUI service (1:4). About 20-25% of women will achieve pregnancy within the first month or trying, but 75-80% will take 2 or greater months of trying. Women partaking in IVF treatments can hope to conceive within 3 months of treatments (1:3). Many different factors can play a part for conception within any given month, such as but not limited to age, cycle regularity, presence of ovulation, stress, health, weight, semen quality, diet, etc. Even couples who have had children before and believed to conceive quickly may still take several cycles to achieve pregnancy. http://chooseagender.com/Conception-Rates.aspx

Q: Is gender selection for us?
A: The decision is a personal decision and must be made with consideration. Gender selection may be used in hopes to establish a balance of gender within a family or to lessen the risk of gender-related hereditary diseases that may occur in one gender and not the other. This service is completely confidential, and no one will be informed of your decision to utilize this science.

Q: Will I have a healthy baby after doing gender selection procedures?
A: Artificial insemination and the process of sperm spinning shows no greater occurrence of birth defects than normal insemination through intercourse. Your rate of birth defects will be the same as if you had normal intercourse with your partner.

Q: Are miscarriages more common when using gender selection procedures?
A: The chances of miscarriage are no greater or less than that of a naturally conceived pregnancy, which is currently estimated at one out of four pregnancies.

Q: Am I guaranteed the child of desired sex by gender selection procedure?
A: The outcome of pregnancies conceived with gender selection services can never be guaranteed, because sperm isolation does not completely separate X from Y, or Y from X chromosome sperm. The success for the male selection is approximately 78-85%, and the female procedure is approximately 73-75%%. On an average, conception has been occurring for both procedures after 3 to 5 cycles. On average, couples who have had more than 4 IUI cycles, have a >80% chance of conceiving and a 73% chance of achieving the gender of choice. It is very important to be realistic in your expectations when using gender selection services and IUI.

Q: What are my options if I achieve pregnancy with the undesired gender baby?
A: It is important to engage in gender selection services with a willingness to accept either gender as these services are not guaranteed. As a company, we frown upon any gender based abortion or selective reduction. If you are to undergo a gender based abortion at any point during pregnancy, we will not be able to work with you further. We do offer the facilitation of private adoptions for any child born that is of the undesired gender as an alternative to the decision to abort. The adoptions are private to well-qualified, secure, loving homes. In most cases you will be able to recoup the fees you have paid for gender selection services, as well for the birth and hospital fees, etc. Please call or email for further information as laws vary per state, etc.

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