Conception Rates

When trying to conceive naturally or by artificial insemination there is a certain chance of becoming pregnant each month of trying. Dr. Levin, infertility specialist, quotes based on statistics that 'Under normal circumstances human conception happens at the rate of only 15% per month (about one side of one dice). In just plain English, that means that the chances of any woman conceiving during any given month are only about one in seven (1:7).' Artificial insemination and the process of gender selection may increase these rates to some degree because the semen specimen is concentrated to a sample of healthy, motile sperm and is directly delivered to the uterus.

Many patients say that they were very easily able to conceive with their prior children. When people are trying to conceive naturally, many months can pass without noticing, feeling anxiety or pressure about conception as couples are more focused on the 'trying' part of conception process as opposed to the outcome. When choosing to take part in a procedure that will hopefully produce a desirable outcome, one is forced to become much more focused on the outcome and success of the procedure and may loose sight of the fact that the same conception rates still apply. Anxiety and stress about conception alone can actually hinder the conception process, so it is important to keep things in perspective and to have a hopeful and realistic thought process.

Other factors that may hinder a quick conception can include increased age in either patient or partner, a partner that has never fathered a child, a partner with health or drug issues, changes in patient's medical health, smoking, weight (whether too high or too low), and irregular cycles. These issues should be discussed during your consultation so that you may choose to work with us to resolve any applicable issues or just to understand the impact an issue may have on your personal ability to conceive.

Conception rates for any procedure affecting gender are similar. It is important to remember that each month you utilize a gender selection service, you are increasing your chances of having the desired outcome. On the downside, you are working with a small percentage of what you were working with before when you were trying to conceive naturally with your other children. On the bright side, the concentration will be way more likely to give you the end result you are hoping for, it just may take a bit longer than what you had hoped.

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