Additional Services

We are just beginning to offer some additional services in your quest to become pregnant with the gender of your choice. Gender Select will be working closely with Dr. Richard M. Levin, a leading fertility specialist for over 32 years. Dr. Levin will be rendering the following optional services to Gender Select clients who may be in need of additional assistance to achieve pregnancy. All service options should be discussed with Jessica as a first step.

Temperature Chart Monitoring

For those patients with irregular cycles we are offering the professional review of a temperature chart by Dr. Richard M. Levin, an infertility specialist for over 32 years. A temperature chart can tell a trained specialist many things about your cycle, including ovulation patterns, a very important aspect of predicting when to do artificial insemination with gender selection services. If there is not a strong or present ovulation, fertility drugs may be necessary to straighten this issue out and make the gender selection procedure most successful. The temperature chart we use to follow patient's cycles is Cyclewatch temperature charting. It will cost you a one-time charge of $29.95 for the software and you can learn more about this chart at Cycle Watch. If you find the need to have your cycle monitored before you start the process or once you begin in order to maximize your chances for a successful pregnancy, the service charge for Dr. Levin will be $50.00 per month, a significantly discounted price for Choose A Gender clients. Temperature charts require a daily dedication to take your temperature everyday from cycle day 1 until the next cycle day 1 as soon as you awaken form your night's sleep. More instruction will be given to any patient that decides to take part in this service.

Clomid Prescription and Monitoring

For those patients who are diagnosed with ovulation issues requiring drug therapy, we will offer the services of Dr. Richard M. Levin in prescribing and monitoring clomid therapy. This drug assists in regulating and strengthening a woman's ovulation. Your use of clomid will require that you continue temperature chart monitoring in order to see the results achieved with this drug therapy. You will be required to pay for the clomid prescription each month you are prescribed the drug. The service charge for Dr. Levin's monitoring and prescription services will be $75.00 per month. More instruction will be given to any patient that decides to take part in this service.

Blood Level Monitoring

Once you achieve pregnancy, you may opt to use the service of blood level monitoring. Blood level monitoring will allow a trained physician to watch for the appropriate growth and stability of a new pregnancy, usually the first five to six weeks of a pregnancy. Blood samples are taken once a week for 5-6 weeks. This can be done in a lab near you, such as LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. Patients deciding to utilize this service will be provided with a standing order at the lab of their choice. Results will be delivered to the office of Dr. Levin for his close weekly review. Blood level monitoring can detect problems such a progesterone deficiency that may be corrected with progesterone therapy. Low progesterone pregnancies left untreated may lead to miscarriage. Blood level monitoring may be covered by your insurance carrier, so be sure to call your insurance representative to learn details. Blood levels monitoring provided by Dr. Levin will cost $125.00 per pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

Patients who become pregnant may opt to have an early ultrasound performed around 5-6 gestational weeks in order to determine that the pregnancy is in the uterus and that there is a heartbeat present. This ultrasound, as it is performed at such an early timeframe, can not render any information regarding gender, fetal health, etc and is meant for the sole purpose of establishing a good pregnancy. This ultrasound will be administered by Dr. Levin and you will be given black and white ultrasound photos to document your pregnancy. The early ultrasound service will cost $150.00 per ultrasound.

Payments For Additional Services

All payments for any additional services chosen will be due before the service is provided to the patient. Monthly services can be paid for on a month-by-month basis.

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